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Survey Meme!



Long + Interview style

has a few repeated questions, but some new ones!

and some more

and one about sexuality

running out of things to say

The next three parts are a game!!! or something or so they tell me

and another one that all the pronouns say "he" but you can ignore that

There are some more surveys here (and now you know where we stole all of these from, so props to smash academy for collecting all of these)
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Character Balance Sheet for both

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I am proud that they are well balanced :3
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Re: Character Balance Sheet for both

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I forgot that Neph isn't booksmart either, so her's is 5
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1/2 one meme

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Part 1: The Basics
• What is your full name? Hanamori Reimi?
• Where and when were you born? In Celadon City, on August 18th, 16 years ago.
• Who are/were your parents? I do not know much of my father’s personality. My Vileplume mother is very loyal, and powerful. Eri, though…Eri is kind, loving, sweet, so polite… (she goes on for a few hours)
• Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like? I have many Oddish siblings, and my team. My team...I love them so very much, but they are rather odd, I suppose. Tangela is...I think the human word is 'special'. Not in a bad way, by any means! It is just very odd to keep track of what she is talking about, though. Victreebel is...snooty, but refined like Eri at the same time. Vileplume is like a sister to me, Shiftry broods a bit much, but is sweet, and Tropius seems to think she is one of the boys.
• Where do you live now, and with whom? I live in the Fortitude Dorm Pale 1-A, with Miss Dahlia, a beautiful angel named Rafiel, and Yuuka, though I've not spoke to them yet.
• What is your occupation? I am a student.
• Write a full physical description of yourself. You might want to consider factors such as: height, weight, race, hair and eye color, style of dress, and any tattoos, scars, or distinguishing marks. Really now, these questions are not going to be much longer, are they?
Oh, alright. I am petite at 4'10", I refuse to tell my weight -really, how rude!-, I'm a Pokemon, My hair is green, and my eyes the most lovely blue. I love to wear kimonos and yukatas, but I have to wear the
school uniform most of the time. I suppose it is not so bad. At least it is green!
I do not have any art on my body, but I find it very beautiful, and I am thinking of getting some henna on my back. I can change it, and it is made of plant essences, so it is perfect for me.

• To which social class do you belong? Eri is rich, so I suppose I am too...but at the moment, my raks are depleted severely :(.
• Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses? I am not very strong, but I have no illnesses.
• Are you right- or left-handed? Right handed. I...believe? I am still getting used to having hands...
• What does your voice sound like? I believe I have a musical voice~ (In reality, she has a slight Japanese accent, and a young voice.)
• What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently? Proper language is a must. Though I use 'suppose' a lot I...believe.
• What do you have in your pockets? Meditation balls, and my PDA.
• Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics? I do not believe so? (She talks in a stilted way from trying to sound proper, flips moods easily, and is both a brat and annoyingly nice. Sometimes)
Part 2: Growing Up
• How would you describe your childhood in general? ...Well, I must admit I was a bit of a prat. Thinking I was better than everyone else, treating others badly...b-but I've worked very hard to not do such anymore! But it was a good childhood, I was able to travel with Eri and learn so much.
• What is your earliest memory? Cracking out of my egg and seeing Eri there!
• How much schooling have you had? T-this is the first I've had in terms of school.
• Did you enjoy school? I enjoy it very much when I understand the subject.
• Where did you learn most of your skills and other abilities? As I leveled I learned more moves. Is that what you mean? (she also learned how to preform ikebana from Erika, as well as tea making and some other traditional skills. She's forgotten how to tie an obi, though.)
• While growing up, did you have any role models? If so, describe them. Eri and my Vileplume mother were my role models~
• While growing up, how did you get along with the other members of your family? ...As stated earlier, I was a bit of a prat, but my teammates somehow got along with me.
• As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A Vileplume :)
• As a child, what were your favorite activities? Later on, I took a liking to ikebana and tying obis and traditional things. Things Eri liked. Before...I do not remember, other than wanting to show how amazing I was.
• As a child, what kinds of personality traits did you display? Brattiness, thinking I was better than others. (Also loyalty, though)
• As a child, were you popular? Who were your friends, and what were they like? I was not extremely popular, but it did not matter to me as I saw myself as better than others.
• When and with whom was your first kiss? *she turns bright red* I-I have never kissed anyone...
• Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity? Whatever is a virgin?
• If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, werewolf, vampire), tell the story of how you became what you are or first learned of your own abilities. If you are just a normal human, describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do today. I am a Pokemon, so I inherently knew of my abilities. As a human...I am still learning what I can and cannot do.
Part 3: Past Influences
• What do you consider the most important event of your life so far? *She gets a headache trying to think of it* I do not remember. (The answer is, the Charizard incident).
• Who has had the most influence on you? Oh, most certainly Erika!
• What do you consider your greatest achievement? I do not know what that would be. Perhaps learning to arrange flowers? I would like to learn English more, so that will be it when I learn.
• What is your greatest regret? Being a brat when I was young(er).
• What is the most evil thing you have ever done? I cannot think of anything that would be considered 'evil'.
• Do you have a criminal record of any kind? D8 Of course not! Who do you take me for, Team Rocket!?
• When was the time you were the most frightened? When I could not find Eri on the train... (also the Charizard incident)
• What is the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to you? I cannot think of a particularly embarassing time.
• If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be, and why? Being a brat.
• What is your best memory? Meeting Eri!
• What is your worst memory? *headache* I do not remember...
Part 4: Beliefs And Opinions
• Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic? Oh, most certainly an optimist!
• What is your greatest fear? ...*headache* Um, being away from Eri or something happening to her...
• What are your religious views? What does that mean? (tells her) Well, Arceus created the world, did they not? I suppose I believe this.
• What are your political views? I do not know what 'politics' are.
• What are your views on sex? What is this?
• Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable? D8 I-I could never do such!
• In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do? Kill another :(
• Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love? *heart all aflutter* Oh yes, I do~
• What do you believe makes a successful life? Friends and happiness~
• How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings (i.e. do you hide your true self from others, and in what way)? I do not believe I hide anything. (She is fairly honest, yeah)
• Do you have any biases or prejudices? ...I do not enjoy fire or ice Pokemon much :|
• Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Why do you refuse to do it? I do not want to hurt someone to the point of death. I suppose if I was pushed, and had to do it to protect someone, I might...
• Who or what, if anything, would you die for (or otherwise go to extremes for)? I would do anything to protect my family or Eri! Or my friends!
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Nephenee Master list

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