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5 Things You Didn't Know Meme!

1. Post 5 things about your character that no one else would know and/or few would be aware of IC! Canon things, headcanon things, magical pony things, all things. Go for it. \o/
3. Watch as others do the same; comment IC, OOC, WHATEVERC.
4. ???
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1) Lithuania tends to take in stray animals. This mostly means they just follow him around while he wanders places.

2) Lithuania currently does have siblings! The Baltic tribes and duchies nearest to him are what he considers siblings. Eventually they will all be dead. :(

3) Lithuania is not actually sure how old he is! He spent a lot of time just wandering around and no one really bothered to stick an exact date on it, so he couldn't tell you himself. The first mention of Lithuania was in 1009 but as it was about Lithuania raiding someone, he obviously had to have been around before that.

4) Actually, Lithuania is "Litua" right now. But Lithuania is the English translation so that is what you'll hear unless he intentionally speaks Lithuanian.

5) Lithuania's most likely source for his name is the Lietava rivulet; he likely started as something like "the people by the Lietave River" and evolved from there.
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1.) Feferi has read Disciple's writings and as such, is a Signless follower herself. It's influenced a lot of how she thinks and acts.

2.) She's a vegetarian, though makes the occasional exception for chicken. She hasn't made the exception in a long time, though. Feferi will also remind people on occasion that fish are friends, not food.

3.) She doesn't play a musical instrument, but she does sing! The problem with musical instruments? A lot of them require air to work properly. But vocal sounds work underwater. She is a soprano!

4.) She has a waterproof iPad. And she'll be missing it a lot while here - that was her connection to troll!Netflix, you guys!

5.) She actually does get her hair trimmed on occasion. Split ends suck.
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1. The only family member that Santana has come out to is her grandmother, and it ended badly so most things having to do with her sexuality will be met with snark, anger, and a change in subject.

2. She knows how bitchy she can be and would like to be nicer to people and make more friends but she's so defensive all she really knows how to do is act out.

3. She loves movies. All movies.

4. She pretends to hate little children but she actually has a soft spot for them. She just won't show it when other people are around.

5. Her self esteem is actually pretty low, mostly due to her parents and without them knowing they were lowering it.
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1. Even though she spent so much time around grubs (babies) she had no idea what she was doing for the longest time with Signless. It was the most difficult thing she had ever done.

2. Her relationship with Mindfang was a complicated one. It was one of control and manipulation, but also genuine tenderness. Dolorosa was a bit snarky at her, which she believes kept Mindfang's interest.

3. Like her descendant she prefers females to males, but never acted on any red feelings because of her duty tending to the mother grub.

4. She was wary of Disciple at first, wondering if she was there to make friends with them and kill Signless when they least expected it, but soon warmed up to her and accepted her into their family.

5. She is both a good and bad cook. She can cook very well but she also just mixes ingredients together and hopes they're edible.
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Has she ever made anyone ill with her cooking whilst in Rakuen?
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Yes. Accidentally. Which was upsetting to everyone because before that they were all oh this is good and then they were wary of her cooking. she has good days and bad days
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1. Sollux's eye sockets are empty, you would be able to stick your finger in there and waggle it around if he allowed you to. (He would not allow you to.)

2. Sollux is super good with bees. He likes them a lot, they're relatively easy to get on with, and you can talk to them without them swearing at you, or putting their gigantic clumsy white idiot fists through a wall, or anything. And they do that whole self-sacrifice for the greater good of the hive thing a lot, he can relate to that. Sometimes he used to think about giving all his bees names but that would have been kind of stupid, probably. Beekeeping would probably be a thing he could get into again, but chances are he would just get exasperated by bees that couldn't be used for computer processing.

3. His voice sounds a little bit h0ll0w in an undefinable sort of way, because he is d00med. You may notice this on talking to him; you may not!

4. He basically never talked to any of the other inhabitants of his communal hivestem; he would have run into them more often if he'd ever used the stem to get to the ground, but why bother when you can fly, right? The one time he decided to take the elevator it turned out to be possessed by malevolent ghosts and he was trapped on the 47th floor for hours with only a smartphone until Aradia came to his rescue and gave all of the ghosts a telling off. This was the first time they met in person, it was very romantic.

5. I have to get up to go to work in 4 hours, goodnight
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1) Dave unironically loves classical music along with all the other stuff he listens to. He also unironically enjoys classical instruments and can play the piano. He refuses to tell anyone about what instruments he can or cannot play though.

2) Sometimes a Texas twang will start showing itself in his text when he's not paying attention or typing to quickly or really upset.

3) Dave is a happy drunk. He likes to get touchy and is the type who likes to cuddle. This is because he likes physical contact but rarely indulges it because he tends to stay away from people unless he trusts them. He also doesn't like drinking because he's always drinking juice. Also, he is 13, why would you be getting him drunk???

4) Dave spends so much time talking to John, Jade, or Rose online that he sometimes forgets to eat and/or sleep because he's stuck on the computer and doesn't want to miss anything.

5) He hates complete silence. There always needs to be some kind of sound, even if it's just the soft buzzing of a computer or something that becomes background noise that he can tune out. He gets antsy when things get to quiet and he'll go through a series of ticks to make it less quiet such as foot tapping or finger drumming.
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1) As an Ambassador, Aisha was required to learn many languages. She's actually fluent in the other races of space (Corbinite, Silgrian, etc. languages, and knows quite a bit of Earth ones too, though she's not fluent in any of them.

2) She's ex-military and went to military school, graduated with honors.(canon) She actually liked the more practical portions of school, like how to use weapons and how to hi-jack a ship. Yay for Ctarl education!

3) Due to lack of time and mostly interest, Aisha has never been in a relationship, though she isn't a virgin because of her endless curiosity. However, she finds herself more attracted to Terrans than her own people, which freaks her right the hell out.

4) Aisha can be calm, level-headed, and reasonable, and reads others well. This usually only came out during the job, because she doesn't find it very fun. Except during poker. She will kick your butt at poker, man.

5) Aisha eats like three men, and can drink like a fish and curse like a sailor. This doesn't mean she's not a delicate flower, in her eyes. Spoiler alert: Aisha Clanclan is not a delicate flower. But she is an actual Lady.(canon!)
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1) Shion originally had brown hair and eyes, a run in with a bee turned his hair white, his eyes red and gave him a red scar that swirls around his body and is visible on his face and neck

2) He loves reading (and likes reading out loud to children) but until he was sixteen he had only ever read one actual physical book

3) He is actually really intelligent in terms of IQ, his knowledge is just limited to science and hard facts and he has not had much exposure to the "real world" and so comes across as an airhead sometimes

4) He will agree with you if you call him an air head and go off on silent monologues about how he was so sheltered and must learn more about the real world

5) Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
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Most of this is canon, but I am not sure how many people know Best Served Cold so...

1) She eats ALL THE TIME. No moment is inappropriate to eating. She loves sweet cakes and plums

2) She will probably tease you in a very grim humored manner

3) Even though she's been in game for a while (as she is staff) and has therefore witnessed amazing things, since powers don't work here she will laugh in your face if you claim magic exists

4) She will scoff at you if you are honorable, or don't like violence, or anything other than a mercenary.

5) She will be the worst headmistress ever. The worst.

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1) He is going to be a ball of angst for most this game

2) He is at a canon point where he is focusing all his energy into Zero Requiem, therefore he is pushing away anyone who he has not already betrayed (there's not that many left sob) because he doesn't want them to even care when he is gone.

3) He does feel guilty about everything he has done, which is where all the angst comes from. He does tend to hide this by acting like a jerk and doing more horrific things

4) Okay no he is just a jerk

5) Angstangstangst
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1. Becca prefers to draw nightmares and morbid things, especially her dead body after apparent suicide. She doesn't actually want any of these drawings to come true, it's just natural to her to draw horrific things because of her powers.
2. On that note, Becca's powers tend to focus on death and accidents rather than happy scenes. She can see other things; she's seen a few election results and usually knows the lotto numbers, but most commonly she sees people dying or getting hurt.
3. Becca is a Twilight fan. She will tl;dr about how DREAMY Edward is. She prefers the films to the books, though, because the books were long.
4. Becca's knowledge of history and geography is TERRIBLE. She thinks Italy is near Mexico, etc. She thinks WWI was when Indiana Jones fought the Nazis, and WWII was when James Bond fought the Soviets. It...gets worse.
5. Her favourite flower is gardenia, because Alex once got her a bottle of gardenia scented lotion and she blurted out "my favourite flower!" just to please him. She actually does not give a shit about flowers and can barely tell them apart. (It's either a rose, a tulip, a daisy, or 'a flower'.)
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1 - Homura really loves fiction. Because she was in the hospital with her heart condition off and on very often, she had to entertain herself somehow! So she did that by watching movies, playing video games and reading books. Her favorite genre was fantasy back then-- she doesn't know about now, since she hasn't had the time to sit down and read for a long time, but she thinks she wouldn't like it as much. She doesn't want something to remind her of her harsh, cruel reality. And she doesn't care for idealistic happy tales either. But if she had the time, she'd fall back into it as easily as she got into it in the first place. Escapism is a lovely thing.

2 - Homura is a cat person, but isn't very good with them. She tries to feed a cat a cookie in the drama CD after all! They're her preferred animal because they are calm and quiet and nice to pet. That isn't to say she doesn't like dogs, she just prefers cats.

3 - She has the potential to fall in love with a man-- if Madoka had been male, for example, she still would have fallen for her-- but she vastly prefers girls.

4 - Homura is wary of men and boys. She was bullied a lot for being a nerdy, shy and anxious girl and the majority of her rougher bullies were boys. Rougher meaning they didn't physically harm her, but they would mess up her locker, her desk, gym clothes etc. Stuff like that.

5 - Her parents abandoned her.

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1 - Oichi prefers "bad" things over the good because she is scared. She grew up with someone who treated her badly and in a world where every single good thing that happened to her reversed itself eventually. So she doesn't like darker, negative things more-- they're simply more safe than positive things. Positive things give her hope which hurts to have taken away.

2 - She writes very elegant, beautiful poetry.

3 - Canonly, she is shown with "shadowy hands" that creep along the ground alongside her. I don't think she has direct control over them. They are a separate entity from Oichi herself, and so simply follow suggestions. They could actually disobey her if they wanted to! But they don't, for whatever reason.

4 - Oichi isn't possessed and has never been possessed. The sole exception is during any character's grey path in SB:SH/SB3, which thankfully does not factor into my canonpoint here. Her odd behavior and cruel streak are purely the result of trauma. She killed her brother for a similar reason; she had an episode, basically.

5 - She loves her brother despite all the things he's done to her.
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1. Recette is used to living on her own. Her dad fucked off to Be A Heroic Adventurer and left her alone to deal with debts in the hundreds of thousands. She was twelve.

2. She has actually learned to fight a little in the year-long previous session before you guys showed up, but she's still terrible. Her best fight was when she tripped up and knocked the opposing Player out with the butt of a claymore.

3. She loves sweets and fancy food, but because of money troubles she's more used to gruel and bread'n'cheese type meals. If you cook for her she'll be yours forever.

4. She really enjoys interior decorating, but her sense of colours and themes is awful. You'll never know from week to week what her shop will look like. She probably needs an intervention.

5. Without Tear, her partner, she's a little adrift for logic and organisation and tends to defer automatically to people who sound like they know what they're on about.
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1. he really likes dogs! He's never actually owned one himself (there were some in his family estates but they weren't his) and he doesn't really see himself ever getting one. Especially since he inherited Arthur after Suzaku's death.

2. after the series he became the Knight of One because EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD. He also retroactively lost his nobility since the Weinbergs had been dissolved by Lelouch and then killed in Pendragon by Schneizel and Gino never bothered to petition Nunnally for his reinstatement. He's still Sir Weinberg, though, and that's more than enough for him.

3. even though he had to return to the Britannian military and get shit sorted out, he often disappeared to either visit Anya or the remaining Ashford council. This was made easier by Nina's assignment to his KMF team - she kept in contact with Millay.

4. he never visited Suzaku's grave in Britannia, but he did fly to Japan and hound someone at a shrine about what you were meant to do for dead friends. He did it all wrong, but oh well.

5. he and Kallen became friends after the series as the only two remaining KMF elites. Since she's a little out of practice from returning full-time to school, he can even hold his own for a while in a sparring match now.
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1. her favourite food is watermelon. This is something she ignores, because it isn't at all nutritious and it's linked with too many sentimental memories of her childhood with Shichika.

2. she has a gaping hole in her chest that was only partly healed during extensive infirmary stays in the first game session. When you reach into the glowing space in her chest for her exaclan weapon, you are literally reaching into her chest. Sweet dreams.

3. she thinks of herself as a sword, not a person. This is a canon observation, but it means she adapted fairly quickly to the Exaclan system and didn't particularly care if she was mistreated as long as her Player got results.

4. it's never explicitly stated in her canon but it's implied that she killed her mother when she was still a small child. Her brother killed their father, and then killed her. Therefore it isn't really surprising that she finds people who refuse to kill or fight family and friends irritating.

5. she really enjoys doing things like puzzles or jigsaws. The Fortitude Prefect HQ is full of them.