The Noodle Incident Meme

The Noodle Incident Meme

Technically it's not really for Noodle Incidents so much as Off-Screen Moments of Awesome but let's not split hairs. Noodle Incident sounds cooler.

Here's what you do:
1. Post with your character(s)!
2. Proceed to romp around other comments, inventing shenanigans, antics, misunderstandings and general faffery that your characters have been involved in.
3. In-game or in canon, doesn't matter as long as it's something that can be brought up in tones of nostalgia, horror or smug self-satisfaction later.
4. Profit!
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The Date Meme


Here's how it works!

1. Comment to this post with your character. List the character's name, series, and any preferences you might have in the subject.
2. Using the RNG, pick from one of each of the two categories below. (Or if you'd rather pick them yourself, feel free to do that instead!)
3. The two of you are now on a date! The first list is where you took your date. The second list is your current relationship.
4. Have fun!


1. Restaurant. What better way to spend some romantic time than over food? Maybe you're at the fancy restaurant in town, or maybe you just couldn't afford anything nice, so you're at the nearest diner. Or maybe somewhere in between?

2. Games. The two of you are playing a game somewhere! You could be at a bowling alley, an arcade, a miniature golf course...the possibilities here are countless.

3. The Park. Of course, Mother Nature can provide an excellent atmosphere for romantic bonding! Perhaps you're taking a leisurely stroll through the lush grounds, or maybe you've laid out a blanket somewhere so the two of you could have a picnic.

4. Movie Theater. Or maybe the two of you are sitting next to each other in a dark room, sharing a bucket of popcorn while you're watching the latest film. Did you opt for a horror flick to keep your significant other latched to your arm -- or for you to latch to theirs -- or perhaps something they enjoy, like a sappy romance film or a cheesy action flick? Or maybe you compromised and went to see a sweet romantic comedy.

5. Skating. It's always nice to go skating, right? Are you at a roller skating rink, or did you find a frozen lake and decide to go ice skating? Which one of you needs help (you know at least one of you does)?

6. Beach. Ahh, the beach! Go ahead and set up camp wherever you like! Or if you don't watn to lay down and catch a tan, you can go swimming, or take a walk along the shore! Or if you don't want getting sand on your feet or in your shoes, go hit up the boardwalk!

7. Sunday Drive. Sometimes you don't really have a destination in mind. Sometimes you just want to drive and enjoy the scenery. Well, here's your chance to do that!

8. Amusement Park. There's plenty to do here! Take your date on the Ferris wheel, or the tunnel of love...or something more thrilling, like a roller coaster! Walk around with cotton candy!

9. Dance/Ball. School dance? Prom? Business gala? Whatever it is, you're there, and you've got a date.

10. Wild Card. Your choice! Feel free to pick something that's not here.


1. Blind Date. You had no idea who you were going out with until you arrived! Was it a complete stranger, or did it turn out to be someone you knew?

2. First Date. You finally worked up the courage to ask this person out, and they agreed! How awkward is this going to end up?

3. Steady. You guys have been going out for a while. This is just another one of many dates.

4. Proposing. This isn't just any date for you. You've brought your significant other out somewhere to propose to them! Make sure to warm them up for the main event!

5. Married. You're not just dating, you're a married couple! Whether this is a special occasion or you just decided to break from your everyday life, the two of you are using this as an opportunity to remind each other just how much you love one another.

6. Wild Card. Your choice! Feel free to pick something that's not here.

{Shamelessly taken from bakerstreet.}


1. Post with a character and a description of 3 - 5 of their 10 lost memories. You could also just pick one and describe that single memory if that's too much for you!
2. Characters that reply to you do not see the memory, they experience it. As though from the POV of your character. Your character may or may not have regained that memory already/be aware of the other person experiencing it. MEME MAGIC GO WILD!!
3. You're now face-to-face with the person whose memory you lived.

(To get an idea of how this goes down, here's this meme four months ago.)

What time is it? IC SECRETS MEME TIME!

It's time for the first-ever Rakuen IC Secrets meme! I have shamelessly stolen most of the format and the rules from the Mayfield and TVK versions. (Thank you, Inku!)

Rules, you say? Yes, rules! IC Secrets is a big and complicated procedure so I've written some handy-dandy guidelines for you to follow when making and posting your secrets!

ONE: Think up a proper secret.
TWO: Find a picture that is 600x600 pixels or under and slap that secret on there in Paint, Photoshop, GIMP, or whatever your favorite image editor is. Pictures over that size will be put under a too big link rather than in the main post.
THREE: Upload that picture to your image hosting site of choice; Imgur is preferred but not required.
FOUR: Comment here with a direct link to that picture. All comments are, of course, screened, but feel free to go anon for authenticity if you really want to!
FIVE: ???
SIX: Meme goes live a week from Tuesday, March 27
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the TRUTH or DARE meme

The Haps:

★ Post with your character(s).
☆ When asked, choose Truth Or Dare!
★ Answer the question or perform the dare, amidst much complaining and general shenanigans.
☆ Tag others.
★ Watch the trainwreck.

For ideas, why not try GetDare?
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Shamelessly taken from [community profile] bakerstreet Just no themes that are too...mature obviously.

The Beach Meme

Have the winter blahs? Need some sun? Now's your chance!


  • ☀ The beach is big, so if you arrive late, never fear, you'll always find a spot.

  • ☀ There's a small out door bar, so if you want to avoid everyone and their mother, you can always go there and drink until you don't care about the noise or your embarrassing swimsuit anymore.

  • ☀ GET NAKED AND SCARE EVERYONE. Anything goes! Leave a prompt if you want.

  • ☀ Name and series in the subject line, and tag around!


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Survey Meme!



Long + Interview style

has a few repeated questions, but some new ones!

and some more

and one about sexuality

running out of things to say

The next three parts are a game!!! or something or so they tell me

and another one that all the pronouns say "he" but you can ignore that

There are some more surveys here (and now you know where we stole all of these from, so props to smash academy for collecting all of these)
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Random Icon Meme

Shamelessly stolen from [community profile] bistromatics who stole it from [profile] efryndiel

random icon spam meme

what do
1. Comment with your character with character name and canon in the subject line. IMPORTANT! You must also choose the RANDOM ICON option next to your icon selection. That icon will basically set the "stage" for everyone else to tag off from. You don't have to supply any additional information.

2. Taggers! Hit the RANDOM ICON next to your icon selection. KEEP IT RANDOM! It's called "Random Icon Meme" for a reason! This icon will dictate what the character's response will be.

3. Look to see which icon was chosen and make a tag based off it. It can be serious, crack, and even completely derail from the previous tag. Be creative and try to make it work! But have fun—this is supposed to be crack. Bonus points if the thread somehow ends up IC anyway.

4. Rinse and repeat.


why did it pick that random icon sob

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Happymemey-funtimes ahoy?

  character relationship meme

 Post as your character

 Others will respond to your comment, asking what your character thinks of theirs, OR if they'd like to do something to establish CR with your character - or even better: BOTH.

 Respond (most likely OOCly.) 



Just gonna leave this here...

marriage meme
originally from here

• Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom in the subject header.
• When replying to a thread, RNG for a number between 1 and 8. The number you get corresponds to the list below.
• Go from there! Whatever happens, well, happens.
• And for added hilarity, set it in Rakuen. I mean, that wouldn't be awkward whatsoever, right?

the list
01] traditional wedding |
It's like a dream come true! Everything is perfect and follows everything that it should... or does it?
02] arranged marriage | ... Well. You do not have a say in this because your parents told you to be with this person! Enjoy?
03] eloping | Forget about the bouquets and people! All that matters is that you are with the one you love at the end of the day.
04] shotgun wedding | Congratulations, one of you is... pregnant...?
05] before the war | You don't know if they'll make it back home alive, but still you want to be with them 'til death do you part.
06] honeymoon night | After a long day, it's just the two of you... and no one else matters.
07] years later | Time to fast-forward! How's the relationship? Are there kids involved? Are you still together at all?
08] other | Is there something that I forgot that you wanted that I forgot to include? This is the option for that!
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5 Things You Didn't Know Meme!

1. Post 5 things about your character that no one else would know and/or few would be aware of IC! Canon things, headcanon things, magical pony things, all things. Go for it. \o/
3. Watch as others do the same; comment IC, OOC, WHATEVERC.
4. ???
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because who wants to wait...

The Let's RP Right Away Meme

Step One: Post with your character in some Rakuen-related scenario.
Step Two: Reply to other people doing the same thing.
Step Three: Everybody RP wins.

5 Things You Didn't Know Meme!



5 Things You Didn't Know Meme!

1. Post 5 things about your character that no one else would know and/or few would be aware of IC! Canon things, headcanon things, magical pony things, all things. Go for it. \o/
3. Watch as others do the same; comment IC, OOC, WHATEVERC.
4. ???


  1. GRAB THIS TEMPLATE (Hedge made an icon friendly version over here! \o/)
  2. FILL IT OUT WITH WHOEVER YOU WANT. Make it as horrible/lulzy/ridiculous/sensible as you want! BUT! You don't think you know enough people to fill it out with? No worries! Grab whoever you'd want backing you up in a party anyway~ The hero doesn't always know who they'll be recruiting on their epic quest, right?
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1 - Roll a number between 1 and 15.
2 - Post a comment.
3 - The number you get should match up with one of the following, which is then the thread's setting.
1 ... an elevator! You're stuck there for the next six hours.
2 ... a park! You have a picnic basket in hand and it's full of goodies.
3 ... a hot spring! The water is either too hot or too cold.
4 ... space! Zero gravity and everything.
5 ... a room full of finger puppets! Is it just me, or did one of those just move?
6 ... an exhibit cage at the zoo! You're the exhibit.
7 ... an office, at a desk! Your boss has just set down more paperwork for you to do.
8 ... a love hotel! Are you with someone or just passing through?
9 ... on a camel! In the desert. The sun shines brightly overhead.
10 ... a church! Why is one thing, how is another.
11 ... the cockpit of a mech! It's pretty crowded in here with two (or more!) people.
12 ... a room slowly being filled with inflatable vinyl reindeer! Squeak squeak.
13 ... a small island with a single palm tree in the middle of it! There's blue water on every side.
14 ... a strip club! Enough said.
15 ... a car wash! You're not in a car, though, so watch out for those bubbles.

3 - The person who replies to you rolls another number, this time between 1-10, which matches up with the following:
1 ... have animal parts! Ears and a tail, wings or paws, it's up to you.
2 ... are very aroused!
3 ... are drunk!
4 ... are lacking your sense of sight!
5 ... can't stop dancing!
6 ... can't stop crying!
7 ... are sneezing flowers! Instead of snot you'll get a pretty flower.
8 ... have completely lost your sense of direction!
9 ... figure out that your sense of smell is much sharper!
10 ... are hallucinating!

4 - Go wild!
warpwhatsir: (☆ GIGGLE or something.)



1. Post with your character
2. Reply with drunk/high/etc. texts
3. ??

WARNING: lmao we're not very mature adults here AGE INAPPROPRIATE THINGS ARE LIKELY

(no subject)


1. Post with your character.
2. IC but with anon, reply to a character with a confession they'd like to make. Or it can be something they just can't say face to face to them.
3. We're all mature here. Not IC or OOC harassment or bashing.
4. Profit and be merry.
5. Also when you post anon comments, unless you track the thread, won't know when someone replies to you. So either track the thread or F5 often.


Forth wall meme.

I shouldn't have to tell you how this works.

!! Post with your character's journal.
!! Troll Ask the characters questions, IC, OOC, whichever. Just note it in the subject.
!! Questions asked must be answered honestly.
!! Profit and all that good stuff.
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Afterlife Meme!


More specifically, limbo. You know, that place where people get stuck while waiting to be sorted into UP HIGH or DOWN LOW.
Time for some of that afterworldly mingling, don't you think?
  1. Post with your character.
  2. State whether they're outfitted with horns and a tail or a set of white wings and a halo. (Rhyming, it's fun!)
  3. Pounce on other replies and state whether they're glad to see them, in disbelief or just outright pissed.
  4. Yell at that tiger!
  5. ????
  6. Profit!