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completely stolen from [community profile] bakerstreet


It's up to you decide how you got handcuffed (heck, the cuffs might have magically appeared out of nowhere), but what your characters have to deal with next can be decided using a handy RNG. Your options are:

1. Fight Night

Boy this handcuff thing came at a bad time. For whatever reason, you have to fight thugs, mooks, supervillains, space aliens, jetpack Nazis, talking gorillas, or some other threat. Maybe you're doing it to save innocent lives, just to save your own skin, or to stop someone from setting all your stuff on fire. Whatever the reason, hope you two are good at teamwork!

2. Jailbirds

The reason for those handcuffs? You just got arrested, and now you're in the back of a patrol car, the paddywagon, or the space patrol hover-car being taken to the police station. What you did to wind up that way is up to you. It could be something as innocent as a prank gone wrong or something as dire as the both of you having been accused of murder--or perhaps even framed. But now you have a nice little drive and an even nicer booking to look forward to. You might as well get to know you you're handcuffed to or have that nice little heart-to-heart you've been planning on having--you're going to be stuck together for a while.

3. A Very Important Date

One of you has a meeting or appointment to get to and it can't be postponed NO MATTER WHAT. That date with that wonderful guy you met the other night? That job interview? Meeting the parents of your significant other? Your little sister's violin recital? One of you has to go right this moment and hope you can explain away the predicament or hide that you're attached to each other. For a bonus challenge, both parties can have somewhere important to go and have to duke it out over who has to miss their big, important thing.

4. Party Crashed

That was some party! ...who has the key to these? You had a wild night last night, so wild that the other people around you are wearing lampshades on their heads and have wangs that were drawn in Sharpie on their faces while they slept. You've woken up handcuffed to either someone you know or a total stranger, and you have no idea how you got that way. Let's hope you can find the key among all the discarded beer cans and stale pizza.

5.On the Run

The most dangerous game of all...is man! Or something. You're handcuffed together racing through an island wilderness, hunted by evil people, aliens, or dangerous wildlife, trying to work together to save your own lives. Or perhaps you're on the run from the police, accused of a crime you didn't commit. Maybe you're trying to escape from the clutches of an evil dystopian government that plans to brainwash you, or you made a break for it and escaped from a chain gang. Maybe you're being forced to run a deadly obstacle course together on live television, or being chased through a haunted town by monsters. Whatever the case, you're stuck together, you're on the run, and you have to make sure both of you get through it or neither of you will.

6. Escape

Not only are you handcuffed, you're dangling over a deathtrap together. Or locked in a room, waiting for a murderer to come back and kill you both. You're in some sort of situation where you're trapped, and escape is all the more complicated because of how you're handcuffed together. Hope you can pull a Houdini before that serial killer comes back!

7. Interrogation

You're cuffed somewhere so you can't get away, because the other character has some very, very important questions. Remember: Ve haff vays of makink you talk.

8. Wildcard

Go nuts and make a situation up! The only requirement? Handcuffs.
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Britannia ✺ Fandom Original Character

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[This couldn't possibly go wrong, right?]
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Firifale | Original Character

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[Good luck, man.]
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Cornelia li Britannia | Pizza, Robots, and Politics, Oh My! AKA Code Geass

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[Good luck.]
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[What the hell did you people talk him into last night?]
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[Sister, if we get stuck he'll chew your arm off to save himself.]
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Re: 4

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[Good question.

Better question? When is Britannia going to stop clinging to you, Lelouch, like you're a lifesaver in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? At least her peaceful, sleeping face must be a consolation as she's hugging you to death.]
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[Please stop that, since whenever you tug means you're pulling at her arm.]

Let's figure it out some other time, okay? We need to put some distance between us and them before they catch up. [And gosh, is it chilly around here or is Britannia's tone just that frosty?]
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Re: 4

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[He tries to wriggle away from her. And then he notices his legs are cold. Why is he in a skirt?]
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Re: 4

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[Probably the same reason she has a tic-tac-toe game on her cheek and is wearing a headband with bunny ears. The world will never know.

Also, she isn't letting go, nope. Pillows are best when warm and alive.]
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Re: 4

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[His life is pain. ;.;] Wake up! Let go of me! [He put more effort into squirming away.]
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Re: 4

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[Britannia just squeezes him more tightly, even as her eyes begin to move behind their lids. After a few more moments she finally cracks one open and lets out a low mumble.]

What is it...?
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Re: 4

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Morning. Now get up. [As he squirms, he's trying to keep from flashing everyone his underwear in this skirt. Is this the girls' Ashford uniform? Where the hell did this come from?]
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[ he's running along beside her - the chilly weather not having much effect on arthur ]

Then where should we hide?
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[Fascinating! He had no idea that they wouldn't click open after they'd clicked shut! He'll just be sitting here playing with the handcuffs and hoping he can remove them before Arthur notices...]
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America || Hetalia

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7 XD

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You'll never get what ya want, evil, British dude!
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[ he catches on quickly, grabbing his arm with his free hand ]

What are you doing?
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[ blinking ]

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Ya evil!
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I'm not evil?!
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You are so evil!
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[WELP so much for getting away with it. He freezes for a second, then tries to smile like nothing's wrong. It comes out more like a grimace.]

Taking off the click-click bracelets?
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Of all the people to get stuck with...

[Sword drawn, she stands ready for combat--and is already counting the person handcuffed to her as a liability.]

I know that you are hardly the most...physically capable individual, so try not to get in my way too much, brother.
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[Oh look he found a pistol.] Certainly, sister. As long as you remember who's in charge. [So what's the threat? Zombies?]
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[She's trying not to yank too roughly on the cuffs, because that hurts her too, but it's a little hard in these kinds of circumstances. Not for the first time she kind of regrets her height and, consequently, longer stride.

At England's suggestion, she gives a low sigh. Hiding is such a weak thing to do.]

An empty building, I guess. I don't know this area, do you?
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Re: 4

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[Get up? Now? There's a complaint to be made, her eyes say as much but... well, he is one of her emperors. So, with an aggrieved sigh, she pulls away from Lelouch and moves to untangle herself from him and head to the washroom to wash her face.

Or at least that was the plan, she gets to maybe a third of her full height before she's yanking sharply on the handcuffs she didn't notice earlier.]
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[Personally, I vote dangling over a deathtrap. Saaay, boiling vat of grease? For poetic effect.]

... you know, the more I think about it, the more unnecessarily extravagant this seems.
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[But who is interrogating who?]
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[Right now he's reaching up with one hand to try to pull them up on whatever they were dangling from. No, he does not want to fall into the grease, he wants to escape and save the damsel, Britannia.]

You get used it to when you're the hero and workin' for the Agency. [This wasn't the first time someone has tried to get rid of him after all.]
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[Excuse you? Who is a damsel?

Britannia watches him try to reach for the chain and eyes him uncertainly. She'd try as well, but she doesn't want to undermine his efforts and send them both tumbling into the vat as a result. So, she watches. Uneasily. (Her lack of faith should be noted.)]

I thought a hero was supposed to evade capture.
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[That would be you of course! :D

Also note that he finds your lack of faith disturbing.]

Haha! You've never watched James Bond, have ya! [Now that he's got a hold of the chain he started to attempt to swing them both to safety.]
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[... refuted.

Get out of here Vader.]
... Alfred, this isn't a movie.

[She feels the need to point this out as he starts swinging them and... what was that loud creak? A distinctly rusted metal starting to give creak?]

Alfred, maybe you should stop.
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[personal profile] heroiccia 2012-03-07 05:42 pm (UTC)(link)
[You can't refute the truth.

Vader says haters gonna hate.] Nope! It's better than a movie!

[Creaking is a good thing! He's going to keep swinging them away from the death trap.]

Hahahaha! Why!? [Two things are clear here, one, he's having fun. And two, he might be a bit insane.]
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[personal profile] countryofassholes 2012-03-07 06:01 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's not truth. :'<

Not if the chain breaks before they get enough of an angle to swing away from vat. Or if it breaks at the wrong time. Which it sort of looks like it's about to do. And good god, he's trying to commit suicide and pull her down with him.

With a softly muttered curse, she's wrapping her hand around the chain of the handcuffs that are looped around the hook chain that's holding them up and placing her feet against his chest. Without a word, when they make another swing on her side, she kicks off his chest (completely without remorse, it should be added) and making a grab for the rail of a nearby ramp.

Miraculously, she gets it.

Not so miraculously, she probably won't be able to hold Alfred's weight when the chain finally goes.]
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[personal profile] heroiccia 2012-03-07 06:11 pm (UTC)(link)
[It is so the truth! You're a lady in distress after all!

Hey now! Good going ruining his plan like that! Especially when the chain breaks and the guy who would have been able to save you is now tugging you downwards.

So, shame on you. D<]
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CR-S01/Erhard Muller | Trauma Team

[personal profile] blade_of_resolve 2012-03-07 08:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[This isn't unusual to him in the least...]
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Re: 4

[personal profile] veepofchess 2012-03-07 08:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[That yank tugs him down on top of her.] Don't do that!
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[personal profile] bloodbrother 2012-03-08 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
[But is this? What did we do, man? We're just doctors here, dude. But he's kind of freaking out over here.]
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Giovanni | Pokemon

[personal profile] ruler_of_the_earth 2012-03-08 09:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[What the everliving hell is going on]
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oh dear, it figures...

[personal profile] blade_of_resolve 2012-03-08 09:06 pm (UTC)(link)
...It was nice to be out for a little while, at least.
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Re: oh dear, it figures...

[personal profile] bloodbrother 2012-03-08 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I can't go in there! I'm a vampire, people are going to make false assumptions and I'm going to get my ass kicked! Argh! [Head in hands, oops tugging on your arm]
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Re: 4

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[Whoop-! Her arms immediately go out to catch him as she falls flat on her ass again. It's at that moment that she notices the skirt with some growing amusement.]

You know, I never noticed it before but you actually make a very pretty girl.