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1 - Roll a number between 1 and 15.
2 - Post a comment.
3 - The number you get should match up with one of the following, which is then the thread's setting.
1 ... an elevator! You're stuck there for the next six hours.
2 ... a park! You have a picnic basket in hand and it's full of goodies.
3 ... a hot spring! The water is either too hot or too cold.
4 ... space! Zero gravity and everything.
5 ... a room full of finger puppets! Is it just me, or did one of those just move?
6 ... an exhibit cage at the zoo! You're the exhibit.
7 ... an office, at a desk! Your boss has just set down more paperwork for you to do.
8 ... a love hotel! Are you with someone or just passing through?
9 ... on a camel! In the desert. The sun shines brightly overhead.
10 ... a church! Why is one thing, how is another.
11 ... the cockpit of a mech! It's pretty crowded in here with two (or more!) people.
12 ... a room slowly being filled with inflatable vinyl reindeer! Squeak squeak.
13 ... a small island with a single palm tree in the middle of it! There's blue water on every side.
14 ... a strip club! Enough said.
15 ... a car wash! You're not in a car, though, so watch out for those bubbles.

3 - The person who replies to you rolls another number, this time between 1-10, which matches up with the following:
1 ... have animal parts! Ears and a tail, wings or paws, it's up to you.
2 ... are very aroused!
3 ... are drunk!
4 ... are lacking your sense of sight!
5 ... can't stop dancing!
6 ... can't stop crying!
7 ... are sneezing flowers! Instead of snot you'll get a pretty flower.
8 ... have completely lost your sense of direction!
9 ... figure out that your sense of smell is much sharper!
10 ... are hallucinating!

4 - Go wild!

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