Jan. 14th, 2012

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marriage meme
originally from here

• Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom in the subject header.
• When replying to a thread, RNG for a number between 1 and 8. The number you get corresponds to the list below.
• Go from there! Whatever happens, well, happens.
• And for added hilarity, set it in Rakuen. I mean, that wouldn't be awkward whatsoever, right?

the list
01] traditional wedding |
It's like a dream come true! Everything is perfect and follows everything that it should... or does it?
02] arranged marriage | ... Well. You do not have a say in this because your parents told you to be with this person! Enjoy?
03] eloping | Forget about the bouquets and people! All that matters is that you are with the one you love at the end of the day.
04] shotgun wedding | Congratulations, one of you is... pregnant...?
05] before the war | You don't know if they'll make it back home alive, but still you want to be with them 'til death do you part.
06] honeymoon night | After a long day, it's just the two of you... and no one else matters.
07] years later | Time to fast-forward! How's the relationship? Are there kids involved? Are you still together at all?
08] other | Is there something that I forgot that you wanted that I forgot to include? This is the option for that!
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Z doesn't have a paid account so I got roped into doing this.

Fill this out logged in to the right account please!!!!!

Poll #9102 ORPHAN POLL
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None of their parents are dead
8 (22.2%)

One of their parents is dead
9 (25.0%)

Two of their parents are dead
11 (30.6%)

They grew up with other family
9 (25.0%)

They grew up in an orphanage
2 (5.6%)

They grew up in a loving adoptive family
2 (5.6%)

They grew up in an unstable adoptive home
6 (16.7%)

They grew up on the STREETS
4 (11.1%)

They grew up as part of a horrific laboratory experiment
0 (0.0%)

Their parents are alive but abandoned them
4 (11.1%)

Their parents are alive but don't care about them
4 (11.1%)

Their entire family is dead
3 (8.3%)

Their entire hometown was destroyed
4 (11.1%)

Their entire country was destroyed
2 (5.6%)

Their entire universe was destroyed
0 (0.0%)

They didn't have parents in the first place
7 (19.4%)

They are a country
5 (13.9%)

They hate their parents
5 (13.9%)

Their loving adoptive family is dead too
4 (11.1%)

They killed their own parents
2 (5.6%)


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They fell from the sky
1 (2.8%)

They just came into being
5 (13.9%)

They emerged from a womb
23 (63.9%)

They were hatched from an egg
3 (8.3%)

They were delivered by a stork
0 (0.0%)

They split off from someone like an amoeba
0 (0.0%)

They were created in a horrible laboratory experiment
1 (2.8%)

Something... else...?
5 (13.9%)


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