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Flynn Scifo ([personal profile] whitestknight) wrote in [community profile] crackuen2012-11-05 01:25 am

The Noodle Incident Meme

The Noodle Incident Meme

Technically it's not really for Noodle Incidents so much as Off-Screen Moments of Awesome but let's not split hairs. Noodle Incident sounds cooler.

Here's what you do:
1. Post with your character(s)!
2. Proceed to romp around other comments, inventing shenanigans, antics, misunderstandings and general faffery that your characters have been involved in.
3. In-game or in canon, doesn't matter as long as it's something that can be brought up in tones of nostalgia, horror or smug self-satisfaction later.
4. Profit!

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