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Feferi Peixes || ♓ || cuttlefishCuller ([personal profile] cullscuttlefish) wrote in [community profile] crackuen2012-03-18 08:52 pm

What time is it? IC SECRETS MEME TIME!

It's time for the first-ever Rakuen IC Secrets meme! I have shamelessly stolen most of the format and the rules from the Mayfield and TVK versions. (Thank you, Inku!)

Rules, you say? Yes, rules! IC Secrets is a big and complicated procedure so I've written some handy-dandy guidelines for you to follow when making and posting your secrets!

ONE: Think up a proper secret.
TWO: Find a picture that is 600x600 pixels or under and slap that secret on there in Paint, Photoshop, GIMP, or whatever your favorite image editor is. Pictures over that size will be put under a too big link rather than in the main post.
THREE: Upload that picture to your image hosting site of choice; Imgur is preferred but not required.
FOUR: Comment here with a direct link to that picture. All comments are, of course, screened, but feel free to go anon for authenticity if you really want to!
FIVE: ???
SIX: Meme goes live a week from Tuesday, March 27

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