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Guinevere Kirkland ♚ The United Kingdom ([personal profile] britainsbiscuits) wrote in [community profile] crackuen 2012-03-08 03:45 am (UTC)

Hello everyone! :3c I'm Junebug (you can call me June or JB if you like). I'm bringing this tsundere here, England from Nyotalia. For those who don't know Hetalia, the author himself created his own gender-bent versions of many of his characters. So. I think that's pretty awesome. England is the lady version of the other England you've already gotten to know. Ha! There is a lot of information about her in her journal if you are interested.

As for me, I've been rping a long time, and I've been into Hetalia since early 2009 lol. I play England a lot, both versions, and I've had years to develop headcanon and history and getting into the mind of the character. I've played countless other characters in my time, though, so I've had a lot of experience with all kinds of characters!

I've actually read shitsurakuen! I've always wanted a chance to be Koharu........

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