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Everypony loves forms!

Form meme! Tell everypony how you feel from the bottom of your heart by filling out the blanks on these forms! A hoof-written message right from the soul, this is!

All you gotta do is take a form from here
Add in some words!
Now just add a touch of thoughts-- not much
A bit of irony --Just a pinch!
Posting these gems is just a cinch!
Add in some computer magic
Print screen is your friend for sure!
Mix it with your favorite program, and

Post it! Tell us how you feel!
Post it! Send some in return!
Post it, post it, post it!

[This meme is brought to you by Cupcakes. You're all welcome.]
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I'm not sure how just remaining angry is going to convince them....
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Aw. Thanks, pegasister.
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