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Roommate Plotting

For roommate Plotting times, so that roommates can plot fun shenanigans. Shamelessly stolen from Animus!

I'll put up a subthread for each dorm and then each room in the dorm.
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Re: 2A

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When Dirk first arrived he would wake up flailing each morning, but he's gotten over that. Now he just barely sleeps. You wake up at three in the morning for whatever reason? He's awake, reading or doing crafts or something inane.

Aside from at night, he's not in the dorm very often. However, he's made several horrible sex puppets that now litter the room.
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Re: 2A

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wake up in the morning meaning "jade wanders in at three in the morning"
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Re: 2A

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Yes that too ok
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Becca is up at the crack of dawn. She's also covered her section of the room in pencil sketches, most of them morbid, including multiple drawings of her dead body in various ways. She's not in the room much except at night, and she tends to be very quiet when she is.
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Re: 1A

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Firifale is a pretty bad roomate. He sleeps in a blanket nest under his bed instead of on top of it, his corner of the room is hideously messy, he hoards things like interesting rocks and cool dead bugs, and he tends to take a lot of short naps instead of actually sleeping through the night. But he also does things like bring cookies up from the dining hall and leave them on people's beds, just because he thinks they might like them, so there's that. He's also eager to help if someone looks particularly distressed.

He's met Alex, but I know nada about Reimi and Rafiel. We should fix this so we can have shenanigans!
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Re: Prefects

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but they're not roommates 8(

jade's hardly ever there. she spends most of her time in dave's room. but when she's home she is usually in the garden.
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Re: 1A

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Koizumi is a neat and unobtrusive roomate. He's polite and personable but kind of private, though he probably makes a good effort to get to know Rose and Iceland. His only noteworthy roomie-habits are that he always locks both his nightstand and the room and, courtesy of memory loss, he doesn't sleep unless his body makes him. So he'll be down in the commons most nights, until you find him passed out on the rug or something at stupid hours. This is hideously embarrassing to him when he wakes up, and he'll apologize for his bad habits.

He's met Iceland as Golbez's weapon, but given that was a friendlyish battle there probably aren't any hard feelings there.
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Lemina has probably hit you all up offering to do favors for money.
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Stoic, keeps-to-himself roommate is stoic and keeps to himself. But he probably knows Aisha and Marik pretty well by now?
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Re: 2A

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Tiny little vampire roommate knows you all, he probably talks their ears off when they let him. He's rarely in the room except for nighttimes and sometimes then he will sneak away to Neph or Sam because what is sleeping alone!
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Re: 2A

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Cirno is probably only in the room at night. Other then that, she spends her time wandering the lake side.

Although I'm sure it's nice not to hear her say silly stuff all the time!
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Re: 2B

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eeee ginooooo~ i hope he and sam enjoy sexy lady countries.
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Suzaku is a new Prefect, he mostly keeps to himself either in his room or out and about. He eats in the canteen because he sucks at cooking.

We need a general hanging about in Prefect Headquarters post!