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Are you a Homestuck? Or do you play a character who makes it necessary to repeatedly copy and paste random stuff for their tags? Is this getting REALLY IRRITATING? Well, fret no longer, because here are a couple of pretty useful things you might be interested in!

The first is a Firefox addon called BBCodeXtra. It's designed to let you quickly insert HTML and BBCode into textareas from your right-click menu, but you can also set what the addon calls "custom tags" to insert as well. So for example, I have it set to insert the code <span style="font-family: Courier, monospace; font-weight: bold; color: #F2A400;"> under the label "Davesprite/Dirk", for your eye-searing pleasure.

The second is an addon for Chrome that provides essentially the same functionality. It's called Glyphics, but it's apparently a fair bit more complicated than BBCodeXtra, so a friend of mine wrote up a tutorial for it that you can find here.

I hope this makes RPing a bit less complicated for everyone! Enjoy.

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